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Darton Men who Fell - From A History of All Saints Church, Darton

In Barnsley Archives - Reference B283.

The Church of All Saints Darton, History and Description
By James Dearnley (completed 1946 – he began writing in 1935)

This book contains a history of the church and descriptions of its features including a page concerning the War Memorial and one with lists of the men who would have been named on it, except it seemed the organisers of the memorial did not have a definitive list at the time.  Mr Dearnley appears to have compiled his own list from a variety of sources. The following is a transcription of that second page.  Blue lettering indicates a link either to a page about a particular memorial or a page about the man himself.

Here is a list of the fallen who were members of the Well’s Street Club:

Richard Allott,
Andrew Bennett,
Wilfred Chalkley,
Ernest Dearnley,
Charles Denton,
Cyril Burton Dixon,
George Wm Ellis,
Gordon Gray,
George Gibson,
Ernest Jones,
J E Percy Joiner,
John Marchbanks,
Aquilla Mitchell,
Herbert Mottram,
Victor Oddy,
Thomas Henry Peace,
Samuel Procter,
Timothy F Simpson,
Walter Wiles.

Other men from Darton and Bloomhouse Green were:

Alfred Braithwaite,
Alexander Braithwaite,
Reggie Harper,
John Mellor,
Edwin Pogson,
Arnold Taylor,
Leonard Wakelyn,
Harry Wood,

The names of Haigh soldiers not on the club list are:

Arthur Sharpe,
Wilfrid Millar,
John James Robbins,
Reginald E Harman,
Arthur Shearman.

The Kexboro’ fallen not on the Darton Club list were:

Albert Cooper,
Thomas R Allott,

There is a list of fallen men on a memorial in the Barugh Mission Church.  The names are:

* William Milner,
* Edward Milner,
Ernest Ives,
G F Field,
W H Lacy,
* J Hy Milnes,
Norman Lambert,
W A Priest,
Horace Pickering,
Edward Launders,
* William Taylor,
George Harrison,
* Charles J Clegg,

Five of these men, who lived before the war on the Swallow Hill side of the river, are also found on the Mapplewell war memorial.  They are marked *.

The Woolley Colliery Church list is:

Wilfred Chalkley,
B Croft,
J E Percy Joiner,
Fred W Lott,
Aquilla Mitchell,
Wilson Mitchell,
Walter Wiles,

Four are on the Darton list.

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