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Somme Centenary Artwork Panels

The 30 panels each consist of five vertical perspex strips each containing images of two soldiers (or a profile if no photo was found at the time of the memorial's design) and a piece of art by local school children in the form of a circular memorial plaque. Therefore there are a total of 300 names. 

The names given below are a transcription of the memorial and like any other memorial they should not be taken as proof of a man's identity or status, which should always be corroborated by your own research.

A full list of the names of the men commemorated can be found on the memorial's own page, along with notes about the accuracy of the piece and research that has been done since it was created. The subsquent move of the memorial to Churchfields has also been documented.

With grateful thanks to Fay Polson who took these photos in July 2016 and on whose Facebook page they orginally appeared.  

Panel 1.

Reid B
Penn W
Harris A
Dickinson T
Braham G
Wilson J
Whitehead H W
Stott E
Skelton J H T
Scanlan H

Panel 2.

Morgan W J
Lovatt W
Goulding J
Darisey J T
Andrew W
Walton C W
Southern J T
Sagar T
Rushworth W
Peatfield R

Panel 3.

Doyle E
Dobson H
Cooper J W
Cooke G
Clarke J H F
Swift G E
Rawlin W S
Harrison A E
Hargate J
Earnshaw J W

Panel 4.

Askin D
Baylis L
Dawber J
Duncan R L
Galloway G
Gregory C
Holmes V
Penton G A
Thompson J W
West T

Panel 5.

Bower E
Brook J
Chappell A
Hewitt C E
Paisley J
Storrs A
Sykes A
Taylor H H
Walker F
Watkinson R A

Panel 6.

Epton F
Hirst W
Hold J W
Moore T
Sayers C
Sudworth R
Sykes J
Thomas L
Wildman J
Winwood A

Panel 7.

Bakewell F
Ball G F
Hubbard J
Jackson J
Parsons H A
Ramsden S T
Walker E
Walker F
Walker C
West T G

Panel 8.

Bearshall J R
Bell P
Finan P
Higginbott R J
Howard L G
Ingham E
Morley H
Naylor A
Rimmer J W
Ward F

Panel 9.

Atkinson W
Cottingham W
Flaxman A E
Green B R
Hawes H
Hinchcliffe W
Jackson P
Keddy E
Lucas M
Morton S

Panel 10.

Burton H
Conway T
Copley F
Feasby F J
Lazenby H
Lynam L
Moss W H
Shepherd T
Spencer A
Symons F

Panel 11.

Batty W
Beckett W M
Harwood W
Hawcroft H
Hollingsworth E
Howarth C F
Petch W
Smith G D V
Smith H
Wilmott G

Panel 12.

Challenger J L
Hague W
Howe A J
Moore L
Harris W
Robinson A
Roystone A
Swinmurn J
Wood F
Woolley S

Panel 13.

Bagnall T
Bentley F
Crawford T
Free W
Heaversedge R
Hodgkinson W H
Marshbank J
Nicholson F B
Thompson C C
Weston A

Panel 14.

Clowery E
Collier S
Fox R
Gay H
Gelder A
Gilbert R
Gleeson W
Jones A E
Miller H
Smith W

Panel 15.

Collishaw J
Cosgrove G
Exley F
Exley T
Fearne E
Frost J W
Gill S
Henighan J
Thompson J
Watkin W

Panel 16.

Bailey J
Dale N E
Demar WH
Dobson I
Drury H
Ellis H C
Fennell E
Peace F H
Rose A E
Webster A

Panel 17.

Clegg J
Clegg T
Clegg T
Cooper S
Ives E
Lake J W
Sanderson M
Swift W
Waring J T
Williams J A

Panel 18.

Banks R J
Bryce H T
Buckley G
Burton L
Butler H L
Milner E
Milner W
Whitaker J
Wrigglesworth E
Wright J C

Panel 19.

Baker J
Batty J W
Beache S A
Bedford S
Betton E
Boocock T
Bower G
Kenworthy W
Lewis W
York H

Panel 20.

Allsop B
Almond A
Barnett W
Bradley H
Guest T H
Hall T
Hardisty E
Hill T
Turner R
Victory T W

Panel 21.

Berry W T
Birchall T
Hepplestone J W
Hinchliffe R L
Hirst C H
Holmes H
Lapidge J
Seddon W
Turner H
White W

Panel 22.

Batley E
Chapman J
Hurd G
Inskip F
Jones E
Kelk T A
Kenworthy A W
Lee D W
Smith J R
Turton A

Panel 23.

Barlow L
Chapman A
Charlesworth E
Glynn J
Leverton W
Lindsay F
Lloyd T
Lomas R G
Lyon G
Simpson H C

Panel 24.

Atha J B
Jackson W
Marsland A
Mason H H J
Merrill W
Norton L
Parker W W
Scholey J W
Widdop L
Wood J

Panel 25.

Fairley D
Frost A W
Harris J
Potter F J
Powers J
Robinson A
Royston E
Sellars A
Senior D
Ward G W

Panel 26.

Bassinder L
Buckley J W
Kevitt J W
Nuttal F
Pickering C
Smith S
Sweet J W
Sykes C M
Thompson A H
Tingle H

Panel 27.

Allemby H
Atkinson A
Atkinson G A
Jubb J H
Milthorpe H
Tindall W P
Tomlinson S
Totty W
Turner H
Wildin G

Panel 28.

Bailey F L
Barker W
Boyce S
Leech T A
Smithson A
Swales E A
Waltham A
Walton C B
Waterfield G H
Wilson E

Panel 29.

Carr A J
Carr C
Caunt H
Cave F H
Crossland J
Mansell T H
Mitchell W
Scargill H
Spence E
Swift J S

Panel 30.

Marsh D
Newberry J
Paley P
Powell T W
Prestwood H
Price E
Stocks T
Thomas P H
Wood H
York T


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